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What is External Wall Insulation?

External Wall Insulation (EWI) involves fixing a layer of insulation material to the outer wall of the property, then covering it with render or cladding. a choice of finish is available; smmoth, painted, textured, tiled, panelled or pebble-dash. this technique is an excellent solution to raisinf the thermal efficiency of existing homes where, in the past, any other external improvement may have proven difficult or even impossible.


The process includes the removal of all external wall furniture such as satellite dishes and doorbells, the attachment of a supporting track around the bottom of the property at damp course level and insulation boards bonded to the external walls using a cement based adhesive. This is followed by a fixing pin, a base coat render and glass fibre mesh to prevent cracking in future years and finishing off with a barrier of primer and topcoat render. As a result, the property will have a clean, fresh and distinctive look and a maintenance free finish that will not require decorating for many years.


There are various types of insulation available as well as differing finish top coats. For more information on the process please see our video by clicking here.


External Wall Insulation











Above: EWI system from insualtion to top coat.

Insulation Types

We can provide insulation of differing thicknesses offering a range of prices, U-values and sound resistance.

Types of insulation we offer include:

  • Expanded polystyrene
  • Phenolic foam
  • Mineral fibre – rock wool

Through the use of different insulation types and thicknesses in external wall insulation systems, the thermal performance of a property can be dramatically improved and U-values of 0.30 and below can be easily achieved.


Insulation Types








Above: Insulation types

Finishes and Top coats

We offer a range of finishes including:

  • A smooth finish ready for painting
  • Pre coloured render (in a large range of colour finishes, these vary from bold vibrant colours to light pastel shades or a classic white) with a rough cast or scraped finish.
  • Or a dry dash aggregate finish

Finishes and top coats






Finishes and top coats






Finishes and top coats


Above: Dry dash aggregate finish Above: Scraped texture Above: Spray roughcast